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When you need ACC dental work,
there are two problems
you will need to handle…

Your problem #1

You want a successful ACC claim. For this to happen, the dentist you choose must be very experienced with the complex ACC system.

And the person processing the paperwork for your claim must be an expert. An expert in how to comply with the strict rules for a successful ACC claim. 

Get it wrong and you face frustration, claim failure or both.

Your problem #2

For ACC dental work, there are meticulous dental standards that must be complied with.

Whenever possible, ACC want the work done correctly first time. They only want to pay once.

This means that you need to choose a dentist who fully understands the standards that ACC work by.

How White Cross Dental St Lukes
can solve these ACC dental work problems for you…

ACC dental work solution #1

As soon as you make your dental appointment, our system kicks into gear.

At White Cross Dental St Lukes, ACC dental work is core business. We do it every day – seven days a week.

When it comes to ACC dental work, we have the systems and the trained people to manage your ACC claim from start to finish.

White Cross Dental St Lukes can manage your ACC claim with care, precision and speed.

ACC dental work solution #2

This is where you really win. When it comes to ACC dental work, ACC is on your side. ACC demands high quality dentistry. And, unless there are special circumstances, they want it done right first time.

At White Cross Dental St Lukes, we go to great lengths to meet ACC’s strict requirements.

We clearly understand what ACC wants for all ACC dental work. And we understand how to communicate your requirements in the exact way ACC requires.

And it’s also about you: We go to great lengths to provide you with the treatments you need. Treatments to get your life back on track as quickly as possible.

This is how we can help you.

The ACC dental work we can provide…

  • Restoration of broken teeth. Our White Cross Dental St Lukes dental doctors will quickly assess the damage. Next, they will formulate a good repair or restoration plan. Our object is clear:
    (a) Restore your original appearance and
    (b) Get all of the ACC funding that you are entitled to.
  • Teeth knocked out? If teeth have been knocked out, it may be possible for us to put them back in. This is usually fully covered with ACC.
 (An important tip: please store knocked out tooth (or teeth) in milk and don’t scrub or clean them.)
  • Positioning and stabilising loose teeth into correct place. We can usually save these teeth and restore your smile. Doing this can make your ACC dental work more straightforward.
  • For difficult cases. White Cross Dental St Lukes is a part of the White Cross medical system. We can facilitate both dental and medical treatments. This means that you can get comprehensive and expert treatment in one location. This arrangement can simplify your ACC claim.
  • Replacement of missing teeth. We have the capability and the experience to provide a wide range of options for missing teeth. These include:
    • Dental bridges,
    • Dental implants,
    • High quality dentures.
    • The goal of each of these options is to restore your smile. And restore your oral health.
    • Note: For this category of ACC dental work, there are special guidelines. If you want or need one of these options, we can explain the special ACC guidelines.
  • Specialist referrals for ACC dental work. In some situations, a referral to a specialist may be required. A broken jaw could be an example. We understand the special ACC requirements for this. We can explain what is best for your situation.
  • Crowns and caps. As part of your ACC claim, you may have damaged crowns and caps. We can restore them to good condition.
  • Cosmetic dentistry. Within the ACC dental work scheme, there is provision for cosmetic dentistry. Mouth and teeth damage are examples. We understand the ACC conditions and requirements. So we are qualified and trained to help you here.
  • Teeth whitening. In some accident situations, impacted teeth can darken. We can provide a whitening procedure to address this problem. If this is to be part of an ACC claim, we understand the correct claim procedure.
  • Cuts and grazes inside/outside the mouth. Our White Cross Dental St Lukes dental doctors will assess your situation and take the appropriate action. Again, we understand the guidelines for this type of ACC dental work.

What you need to know about 
ACC dental work funding…

For the majority of ACC dental work, ACC will cover all or some of the costs. But, if there are certain pre-existing conditions, this may cause funding problems.

What we can do for you. At White Cross Dental St Lukes, we have an ACC dental work prior approval system. This means that we can sort out issues before treatment.

What if it’s not straightforward? In some emergencies where you require urgent pain relief, you may be required to cover the treatment cost. We will then submit an ACC dental work request on your behalf. If successful, we will then arrange for the full ACC dental work refund to be sent to you.

Call our friendly staff on 849-2262 
for answers to any questions you may have.

Our commitment to you. We truly value your business for all ACC dental work. If you choose White Cross Dental St Lukes as your ACC dental work provider, we have three promises for you:

Promise #1: You will receive top quality ACC dental work from our trained and experience dentists.

Promise #2: Our friendly staff will treat you with care, consideration and kindness.

Promise #3: We will use our expert knowledge of the ACC system to process your claim to the best of our ability.

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