Dental Care Services, including Crowns and Implants

Reduced dental costs for those on modest incomes. Three reasons why you’ll get great dental care and a top deal at White Cross Dental St Lukes.

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3 reasons why we should be your 
dentist of choice

1. Lower Costs
2. High Professional Standards
3. Genuine Caring Staff

1. Lower costs

When we survey our regular clients, lower dental care costs is a high priority. To achieve lower costs, we have cut out all unnecessary overheads.

Technology: A lavish waiting room you will not find. However, what you will see is top quality equipment. We want you to have the technology that’s required to provide you with top quality dental care.

Efficiency: We don’t waste time. For your dental care, if there’s nothing major to be done, your appointment will be short. Thus there’s not a lot for you to pay for.

No Price Shocks: Sometimes you may require more involved dental work. An example is a Dental Crown or a Dental Implant. For this type of dental work, we will quote you a moderate price. All our dental work always includes our full professional back-up and the White Cross St Lukes dental guarantee.

2. High Professional Standards

White Cross Dental St Lukes is a major provider of emergency dental care services. For this we must have high calibre dental professionals.

These are fully-qualified dentists with the knowledge and experience to look after you well. Plus, these are dentists with a great attitude – they will treat you with respect. Even though our costs are modest, we can promise to fully deliver professionalism.

3. Genuine Caring Staff

For some, going to the dentist can be a nervous experience. Our St Lukes dental care team understands this. If you’re nervous, our staff will give you special attention. It’s their job to listen to your wants and needs.

And if you’re not nervous, we still want you to feel cared for. Our team will do all they can to make your visit a satisfying experience.

As we see it, you are the boss and it’s our job to serve you. If we don’t give you the dental service you want, we don’t deserve your business.

So, when you need dental work, we would like you to test our caring attitude. Phone our lovely receptionist now at (09) 849-2262.

2 more reasons why we should be 
your dentist of choice:

1. Dental care without up-sell tactics
2. Easy to find and easy to park

1. Dental care without up-sell tactics

On TV and other advertising media, some companies are spending big to get your attention. Dental care has become big business.

Dental practices are being set up to cash in on profitable cosmetic dentistry and ‘up-sell’ methods.

If it’s regular dental care you want, we want to earn your trust. At White Cross Dental St Lukes, this is our promise:

On regular appointments, our dental professional will carefully inspect your teeth and gums. If any causes of concern are noticed, this is our standard and our ethical procedure…

  • Our dentist will tell you (in simple words) if any dental issues are urgent or non-urgent. There’s no need for you to worry, if it’s not a big deal.
  • If there are dental problems: The dentist will tell you (again in simple words), the choice of solutions that are available to you. And if you wish, our dentist will make recommendations.
  • You will not be subjected to any pressure to have any problems remedied by White Cross Dental St Lukes. That always has to be your choice. If you choose us that’s great, but it has to be your choice.

This means that you will be well informed. And should additional dental work be recommended, you can make the decision as to when and who performs this work.

Again, you’re the boss. It’s our job to serve you well so we can earn your trust. We are rewarded if you become a regular client.

2. Easy to find and easy to park

52 St Lukes Rd, Mt Albert. We are located near the Westfield St Lukes shopping centre. White Cross signage is visible from the street.

Parking: The driveway on the left-hand side of White Cross Dental leads to a lower-level customer parking area.

Dental Services We Provide

Basic Dental Care

Typically this may include…

  • Teeth cleaning for a fresh mouth or bad breath removal. Your dentist will also carefully inspect your teeth and gums. The goal here is to identify and treat any beginnings of developing problems. This is about doing simple dental care work now that will save you spending large dollars later.
  • Are you experiencing any pain or discomfort? Your dentist can provide dental care to address the problem. Life is too short for unnecessary suffering.
  • Cosmetic dental emergencies. Small to medium size repairs may be part of a basic dental care appointment. You can be your normal self quickly.

As well as regular care, White Cross Dental Care can also offer you the following advanced options:

Other Dental Care Options

  • Cosmetic Dentistry – A natural smile is a great asset. With a modest investment, cosmetic dental care can be provided.
  • Dental Implants – This is the nearest thing to natural teeth. So if you don’t want dentures, this is the worry-free option. This is dental care with a difference.
  • Replacement Fillings – Fresh new white material is a really nice change from old black silver fillings. Metal and mercury in your mouth does not look good. This is both a simple cosmetic and a dental care health solution.
  • Regular Dentistry with Sedation – This turns dentistry into a pleasant experience. 
Most of us have different pain thresholds. If the pain of dental care is an issue for you, we have solutions. Modern techniques for sedation can make a world of difference.
  • Wisdom teeth and/or basic gum surgery – White Cross Dental Care St Lukes has extensive experience in oral surgery. Thus you can avoid the high cost of a surgeon.
  • Crowns and Caps – Your remaining teeth can be strengthened for improved biting and longevity. Worn, damaged or old fillings can cause excess and damaging pressure on nearby teeth. This dental care can save you multiple expenses later.
  • Teeth Whitening – Want a younger and sexier, whiter smile? We have the skills and technology to do this type of dental care better and faster.

More Dental Care Options…

  • Root Canal – This dental care treatment can have a triple payoff for you.
    • It preserves a valuable tooth.
    • Improves your oral health.
    • Saves on future expenses.
    • This is a very sensible dental care investment.
  • Dentures -Significant advancements have been made with this dental care solution. Technology has introduced many cost-effective improvements. And we are right up to date with this technology. Bottom line, we can provide you with a dental care solution to get a smile back on your face.
  • Missing Teeth – If you have one or more missing teeth, these should be fixed quickly. This type of dental care has two benefits:
- It reduces the stress and risk of damage to your other teeth.
- It give you a more natural look. A missing tooth (or teeth) is definitely not a good look.
  • Lump on Gums – This is not a good feel and it’s not a good look. Plus, there could be other health side-effects. We can provide a simple dental care treatment for this problem. This can make a big difference to your oral health. And it gives you reassurance.

Our no-surprise policy

Sometimes complications may arise, sometimes they are already present. This may cause additional costs – but we are always cost-conscious for you. So we will always explain the issue, explain your options and provide a quote. 

And we will give you an honest opinion if the issue is urgent or non-urgent. This way, you are always in control. You make the decisions.

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